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Contest Schedule - Victoria Fine Arts Center

Last updated - March 22nd, 2018
Band Warm-up Performance 
Edna High School "Rhythm & BLUE" Jazz Band (3A Big Band 1 Classification)
- Russell Balusek Director
8:05 AM  8:30 AM 
Brazos Jazz Combo (3A Small Ensemble Classification)
- Cody Jamison Director
8:30 AM  8:55 AM 
The Goliad Tiger Jazz Orchestra (3A Big Band 1 Classification Comments only)
- Jason Howard Director
8:55 AM  9:20 AM 
Brazos Big Band (3A Big Band 1 Classification)
- Cody Jamison Director
9:20 AM  9:45 AM 
TBA - Judges Break
9:45 AM  10:10 AM 
Boerne High School Jazz Band 2 (4A Big Band 2 Classification)
David Torch Director
10:10 AM  10:35 AM 
A.C. Jones High School Jazz Band (4A Big Band 1 Classification)
- Jaime Vela Director
10:35 AM  11:00 AM 
Boerne High School Jazz Band 1 (4A Big Band 1 Classification)
David Torch Director
11:00 AM  11:25 AM 
Fredericksburg High School Jazz Ensemble  (4A Big Band 1 Classification)
- Jason Younts Director
11:25 AM  11:50 PM 
Robstown Early College Big Band 1 (4A Big Band 1 Classification)
- Rene Rosales Director
11:50 AM  12:15 PM 
Band Warm-up Performance 
San Benito High School Jazz Ensemble (5A Big Band 1 Classification)

Noe Garcia III Director

1:40 PM  2:05 PM 
Harlingen South Jazz 2 (5A Big Band 1 Classification)
Jose Garcia Director
2:05 PM  2:30 PM 
Harlingen High School Jazz Band 4 (6A Big Band 4 Classification)
Maria Coronado Director
2:30 PM  2:55 PM 
Harlingen High School Jazz Band 3 (6A Big Band 3 Classification)
Maria Coronado Director
2:55 PM  3:20 PM 
Harlingen High School Jazz Band 2 (6A Big Band 2 Classification)
Maria Coronado Director
3:20 PM  3:45 PM 
BREAK 3:45 PM  3:55 PM 
Wolverine Jazz Band 1 (6A Big Band 1 Classification) 
Victor Moyeda Jr Director
3:55 PM  4:20 PM 
San Benito High School Jazz Orchestra  (6A Big Band 1 Classification)

- Miguel Aguiar Director

4:20 PM  4:45 PM 
6A - Harlingen South Jazz 1 (6A Big Band 1 Classification)
- Shane Shinsato Director
4:45 PM  5:10 PM 
Harlingen High School Honors Jazz (6A Big Band 1 Classification) 

Maria Coronado Director

5:10 PM  5:35 PM 
--------- Clear Fine Arts Center ---------- 6:00 PM   
--------- Open Doors to Concert --------- 6:30 PM   
Awards Concert   7:00 PM 

Awards Concert & Presentation starting at 7:00 PM is open to the public with a $11 ticket.

The Victoria Jazz Festival is a one day festival on Saturday April 7th in our Victoria Fine Art Center in Victoria, Texas. The Festival is an adjudicated contest for 20 high school jazz ensembles in the morning followed by a ticketed Awards Concert featuring Mr. Bergeron at 7:00PM. 
Tickets may be purchased online at - 
The Awards Concert starting at 7:00pm - The Awards Concert will feature The Crossroads Jazz Ensemble and the Victoria Jazz Festival Big Band featuring Wayne Bergeron.