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Jazz Festival Procedures & Forms

  1. After your band has registered through on online forms, you will receive a confirmation email back from to confirm all details.  Performance times will be posted on this website in addition emailed out to directors.  
  2. Follow this clink to see our Victoria Fine Arts Center
  3. Bands will perform according to UIL classifications. Second and third bands may be considered part of the competition provided that there is no duplication of members on the same instrument from each band. Non-varsity bands may elect to compete in a UIL classification one level lower than their varsity group.
  4. Ratings will be given to each band unless you clarify you would like comments only. For non-competitive groups, the judges will not score/rate the ensemble.  
  5. All ratings will be kept confidential and will not be announced until the Evening Concert. Directors should pick up their adjudication materials immediately after the awards concert. If directors or bands will not be attending the evening concert, directors may check with Ken Peach to find out / collect materials (if available) before departure. All judges sheets and recordings of your band will be placed in a DropBox and emailed to the director.
  6. There will be a first and second place band chosen in each UIL class as well as the Overall Outstanding Band of the festival. The Outstanding Band of the Festival will be determined by the three judges.
  7. Performance Awards will be given to outstanding students in the different classifications. An Outstanding Jazz Musician will be chosen from the competing bands.
  8. Each band will be allowed 25 minutes for set-up, performance, and clearing the stage. A stage crew will be present to assist you.
  9. Warm Up: The warm-up room for Victoria Jazz Festival is in the Fine Arts Annex. Bands may enter the warm-up room 25 minutes prior to their performance time. There is a waiting room for the next band to go into warm-up. No playing in the waiting room, please wait until enter the official warm-up room.
    • The room will contain a drum set, piano, and bass amplifier if you would like to have your rhythm sections join you in the warm-up room. No unauthorized persons will be allowed into the Fine Arts Annex.
  10. Adjudication will be in the form of both written and recorded comments. Directors do not need to provide printed music scores for adjudication.
  11. Contest Day Logistics: Directors should check in at the Fine Arts Office in the lobby of the Victoria Fine Arts Center immediately upon arrival.
    • You will have a band monitor that will help you get acclimated to the building. i.e. rhythm section storage and warm-up areas in addition to access to back of the stage.  
    • Directors will receive your participant tickets and/or have the opportunity to purchase more tickets for the evening Awards Concert.  Day of the contest, tickets will be $11.00.  *$10 ticket with an administration fee of $1 from our ticketing service. 
    • Directors will turn in the Music Performance Announcement Form and the Setup / Seating Chart - Forms are listed at the bottom of this page.
    • Directors may turn in a self made seating chart IF you are not using a Traditional Big Band Set-up.  For example, if you need extra chairs and stands, please provide a set-up chart to the contest office.  We will have stagehands available to help get you get set before your performance. Victoria Fine Arts Center will provide the following Traditional Big Band Set-up:
      1. Sound shells
      2. 5 chairs and stands for Saxophones (all mics provided)
      3. 5 chairs and stands for Trombones (one solo mic provided) - Trombones on 6" risers
      4. 5 stands for Trumpets (one solo mic provided) - Trumpets on 16' risers
      5. Grand piano - amplified 
      6. 1 Vocal mic if needed.
      7. Monitors on stage with piano / Saxophone and Vocal mix to monitors 
        1. All other equipment must be furnished by the competing band.
        2. We can provide a Drumset / guitar and bass amp on stage if needed.
  12. All Combos will be set-up to the front of the rhythm section.  The Traditional Big Band Set-up will not be moved to help keep the contest on schedule.