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Cast and Crew List

Zombie Prom Cast list*
MISS DELILAH STRICT Alexandria Lynch Understudy: Angela Webb
TOFFEE Audrey Cook Understudy: Emily Martinez
CANDY Dylanna Youngblood
COCO Mackenzie Aguilar
GINGER Paula Swanson
JONNY WARNER Jesse Vasquez Understudy: Travis Henderson
JOEY Travis Henderson
JOSH Brodie Flores
JAKE Israel Esteban
ENSEMBLE Natalie Cook, Jolie Hanes, Kayleigh Jones, Katy Maroney, Emily Martinez, Angela Webb
*Due to the concerns with Covid19, Zombie Prom will have understudies in select roles who will be featured as the principal in their role assignment on the Sunday matinee performance. All understudies are expected to attend all rehearsals. Some ensemble members may be assigned speaking roles as determined by need.

Performances in the Victoria Fine Arts Center will be

January 15th, 16th & 17th, 2021.