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Campus Polling Location COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Victoria ISD will have campuses that serve as polling places on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. While Victoria ISD has measures to maintain the integrity of the election process, students, faculty, and staff's safety remains our primary responsibility.

"Our students and staff are our primary responsibility. Since many of our campuses are designated as polling places, our polling safety and security procedures had to be revisited due to the pandemic," stated Risk Manager Sherri Hathaway.

As such, election officials will be asked to remain aware of the importance of a safe and secure campus. The VISD Risk Manager tasked with coordinating polling places is working with Victoria County Elections Administration (VCEA) to ensure that:

  • Each campus polling place will have a poll worker that will open facility doors for voters
  • VISD will provide sanitizer at each school entrance
  • VCEA will provide hand sanitizer before entering the polling area
  • Poll workers and voters will only have access to the voting area
  • Restroom facilities will be closed to voters, and signage will be posted accordingly

While VISD enforces mandatory facial coverings on campuses, Governor Greg Abbott's Executive Order No. GA-29 does not require a face covering for those on campus to vote. Since this order is actively being challenged in the courts, VISD and elections officials will comply with the guidelines that are in place on November 3, 2020. As a courtesy to our staff and students, we encourage those who intend to vote at one of our school sites to please wear a mask while traveling through the campus to the polling area.

After the final vote is cast at each campus, polling areas will be cleaned and disinfected to prepare for students the following day.

The following is a list of VISD campuses that will serve at polling locations and the location on the campus in which voting will take place.


Voting Area


Aloe Elementary


Side cafeteria entrance 

Crain Elementary


Entrance will be labeled with "Vote Here"

DeLeon Elementary


School entrance

Dudley Elementary

Portable Building

Direct access from front left parking lot

FW Gross Elementary

Bld. A, Front Foyer

School entrance

Hopkins Elementary

Front Foyer

School entrance

O’Connor Elementary


Entrance at front of driveway

Rowland Elementary

Room 2

School entrance

Shields Elementary

Hall by Room 7

Enter through side doors from the parking lot

Smith Elementary



Vickers Elementary


Entrance on Northgate Rd

Howell Middle School

Front Foyer

Front entrance labeled for voters

Patti Welder Middle School

Gym Foyer

Park in main gym lot on North Street

Victoria Fine Arts Center



VISD Administration Bld.

Front Foyer